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1. I’ve a      only half of what I’d hoped to do. ks5u

2. You can go out on c      that you wear an overcoat. ks5u

3. She d    all her efforts to her task.

4. The police o      the man enter the bank. ks5u

高考资源网( www.ks5u.com),中国最大的高考网站,您身边的高考专家。5. We a      with the waiter about the price of the meal.

6. Will you      (支持) me in my campaign for election? ks5u

7. He’s involved in the        (组织)of a new club.

8. She was ashamed of her children’s bad____________(举止). 

9. He fell in the water, much to the      (开心) of the children.

10. Did you      (传递) my message to my father? ks5u



Check the pronunciation of the new words .


1. 会读本单元单词,力求读得更流利。

2. 记住本单元的重点单词并能用其造句。

3. 能运用这些词汇解决相关练习题。



1. achieve v完成,达到;实现,获得 n.

achieve ones goal______________

He will never achieve anything if he doesn’t work hard.___________________

He has broken two world records in one day, which is quite an achievement.


2. connection:

1). cn. / un.  联系;关系 (with/between)

There is a strong connection between smoking and heart disease. _______________________

The company has a connection with a number of Japanese firms. _______________________.

2). cn. 连接物

This town has very good road and railway connections with the coast. ___________________.

3).cn. . 亲属;亲戚

4) Un. 连接,联结 

in connection with: 有关             

3. devoteto

devoted: adj.  忠实的     devotion: n.  热爱,忠诚

He has devoted his life to helping blind people. ______________________

He is my devoted friend.  He is also devoted to his wife. ___________________

4. behave: v.  behavior :n. 

She has been behaving rather strangely. . _____________________________

Behave yourself. __________________________

5. worthwhile : adj. 

We had a long wait, but it was worthwhile because we got the ticket.


worthwhile: 值得花时间/精力/金钱

worth: 值得尊敬的/重视的  be worth+ n.  /doing

worthy: (表语形容词)值得的  be worthy of +n. /being done;

                             be worthy to be done

1). This vase was _____ five hundred francs at the most.

2). Everybody has roots.  It is _______ to search for his roots.

3). She proved herself a _______ successor of the former champion.

4). This book is well ______ reading and it is____ of being read a second time.

6. observe: v.  看到,注意到;遵守/奉行; 庆祝

Observe sb.  do/doing sth.

Observe that…

I observed a stranger going into the house. ____________________________

Do you often observe the speed limit?_________________________________

7. respect: n.  v. 

We should respect each other.  _____________________________________

respectful: 恭敬的,对人有礼的

respectable; /被人尊重

He is a respectful student.  He respects the teachers. _______________________

He is respectable teacher.  He is respected by all his students. ________________________.

8. argue  v.   argument: n. 

1)争论 argue with/over/about



She argued him into/out of leaving his job. ___________________________

9. inspire vt. 鼓舞;激励;赋予灵感;启迪

He tried to inspire them to work hard. ______________________________

inspired : adj.受启发的;受鼓舞的; 有创造力的

inspiring : adj. 鼓舞人心的;激励的;启发灵感

inspiration: n.

10. support : v.  承受;支撑;抚养,资助;赞成,支持; n.

Do you think those shelves can support so many books? ____________________________?

She needs a high income to support such a large family. _____________________________.

Do you support their demands of independence? ___________________________________?

supporter: n. 支持者,拥护者;支持物;赡养者,抚养者

I’m a strong supporter of women’s rights.________________________________________.

11. deliver: v.  传送;把. . 踢向;发表,宣布;给…接生    delivery: n.

Letters are delivered every day. _______________________________

She delivered a hard kick to his knee. ________________________________

The doctor delivered her baby. _____________________________








1. Taking the trouble to build shelters for survivors is________.

A. favorable B. precious  C. sensitive  Dworthwhile

2. The majority of people in our village strongly ________the plan to build a new school for children

A. consider    B. support  C. confirm                D. submit

3Tom is always _______ the oldwhich has gained him a good reputation

A. getting rid of  B. getting along with 

C. looking up to  D. looking down upon

4—What is his suggestion?

—Just guess the meaning of it whenever you _____ a new word in reading

A. come in  B. come at     C. come across  D. come about

5It's my daily duty to have the English newspapers ___to the senior students

A. printed  B. published  C. delivered      Dadvertised

6. —What are the students ________about?

—Whether Senior 3 students should join in the coming school sports meeting

A. quarrelling  B. inspiring C. fighting       Darguing

7__ with so many fans of the famous star, the stadium is hard for us to enter

A. Crowding  B. To be crowded  C. Crowded  D. Crowded out

8________the stars carefully, and you will find that they are not shining themselves

A. Observe  B. Notice  C. Glance  D. Mind

9. After doing market research, all the researchers think it________ to invest a

large sum of money in the project

A. worthless  B. priceless  C. valuable  Dworthwhile

10. He made an ________ speech at the meeting and the________ audience stood up and gave him a long and warm applause

A. inspiring; inspiring  B. inspiring; inspired C. inspired; inspiring D. inspired; inspired

11. Liu Xiang ________his experiences during the World Track and Field Events when  being interviewed by Reuters

A. spoke to  B. referred to      C. contributed to     Dtalked to

12. Only when he returned from the exchange program ________how much he enjoyed it

A. he knew  B. he had known  Cdid he know      Dhad he known

13. The concert ________raise money for the AH1N1 victims

A. intends for   B. is intended for  C. is intended to  D. intend to

14. Greatly ________the students made up their minds to carry ________  the experiment

A. inspiring; out  B. inspired; on  C. inspire; through  Dinspire; away

15The conductor blew his whistle and the train slowly ________

A. moved off  B. moved in   C. moved away  D. moved out


1-5DBCCC   6-10DCADB   11-15BCCBA










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